Will You Pay For The Shawnee Mission Post?!?

An old school subscription scheme is the latest adventure from all of the good Golden Ghetto denizens who read the lurid tales of suburban adventure chronicled in JoCo’s most popular blog.

We wish country club socialite Jay Senter the very best of luck in covering his little corner of Perfect Village or whatever . . . Soccer games and strip mall development stories can be scintillating in addition to the struggle to find an outlet that truly gives voice to the concerns of the upper-middle-class who are too stubborn to move away from the inner-suburbs . . . Check the link for more deets:

Some final notes before the paywall goes live April 12

Okay, gang, a few final notes before the Shawnee Mission Post paywall we’re all so excited about becomes a reality: First, the paywall will officially go live next Wednesday, April 12. At that point, everyone will get three free story views per month before being prompted to subscribe.



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