Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

This week in Kansas City might have been defined the legacy and current reality of armed military conflict but concerns over cash and the seemingly fickle proclivities of voters dominated the local discourse.

Accordingly, tonight we celebrate the strongest in Kansas City in the aftermath of the election. Here’s the quick and dirty version:

Kansas City Voters Love Weed

Call this a bright spot which confirms that local priorities remains intact. Despite the warnings from old school pundits and the newspaper, Kansas City voted for a good time above all else and embarrassed scaled back consequences for stoners. If that doesn’t offer faith in municipal Democracy than nothing will . . .

Kansas City Agenda Dictated By Corporate Cronies And Consultants

Kansas City is confronted by crime, struggling schools and abandoned houses blighting neighborhoods . . . The answer to these concerns is simply to double down on the tax and spend philosophy of the current administration and continue to finance pet projects above all else and in order to satisfy political debts while padding billable hours.

White Ladies And Their Doggies Demand Kansas City’s Attention, Cash And Care

Second only to stoners, it’s a fact of life that middle-class white ladies flexed their muscles in many ways this week.

Urban Core Voting Bloc Stronger Than Most Kansas City Residents Realize

With little support from media, the mayor or the vast majority of Kansas City’s political elite . . . Urban core advocates pushed forward a controversial sales tax that hopes to finally spark improvement in an embattled section of the inner-city.

Jolie Justus Threatens To Dominate The Remainder Of Mayor Sly’s Tenure

The next big project is the airport and this council lady is leading the way in a manner that could also see the mayoral aspirations of her supporters take off . . . Or crash and burn.

Nevertheless, with the blank check vote behind Kansas City . . . The only thing certain for the future is more fighting over how the cash is spend and so much more . . .

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it’s a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


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