Some called it obstruction from this top ranking Democratic Party leader, but in the end the opposition was unsuccessful.

NYT: Neil Gorsuch Confirmed by Senate as Supreme Court Justice

Tonight, supporters rally to her rescue:

“It’s no secret. Claire was a top target for the far right in their attempts to ensure Neil Gorsuch would be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent trying to pressure her to support their nominee. But Claire stood her ground and voted her conscience.

“Claire knew voting against Neil Gorsuch would make the far-right mad; she knew her vote would make her already-tough Senate race even tougher.

“But Claire looked at Neil Gorsuch’s record of putting corporations ahead of people and ignoring the little guy in favor of the powerful, and she did the right thing. She opposed Gorsuch.

“Claire’s willing to take hard votes, but we MUST stand with her to keep her fighting for us. She can’t beat the GOP money machine without a massive grassroots support base.”

A campaign donation ask follows the message.

You decide . . .


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