Brainstorm Or Sacrilege??? Kansas City Faith Writer ‘Radically Rethinks’ Catholic Priesthood

In his latest piece for The National Catholic Reporter, Bill Tammeus proves he doesn’t really understand much about Catholics or one of their least troubling concerns . . .

Money line:

“I don’t know where a thorough look at the issue of ordination will take the church. What I do know is that ordination can and does sometimes turn into clericalism, in which pastors, priests, imams and rabbis acquire almost unquestioned authority. That’s not good for anyone, including the clergy.”

Read more:

It may be time to radically rethink ordination

A movement called NEXT Church, made up of leaders from congregations in the Presbyterian Church (USA), the denomination that includes my church, recently provided a venue for me to say something that even surprised me a little.



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